Ear Cleaning and Wax Removal

Ear Assessments

An assessment of your ear will be performed prior to cleaning. Our ear nurses will explain every step of the procedure.

Ear cleaning and Wax removal

A fine suction tubing is used to vacuum the ear wax and debris. Occasionally, we may use a spoon or forceps for manual removal.

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What is ear wax?

Ear wax/cerumen is a substance produced by the glands in the skin of the cartilaginous portion of the ear (outer third). It helps to protect the ear canal and ear drum from particles, bacteria and other microorganisms. It is normal to have ear wax production. In normal circumstances, ear wax removal is not required as your wax normally moves out of the ear naturally with facial movements such as eating. 

Causes of ear wax build up

Although the migration of ear wax out of the ear occurs naturally, there are several factors which may halt the migration process and sometimes requires microsuction for removal. 

The use of cotton buds and other objects to clean out your ear can push the wax further down causing wax impaction. This is also an increased risk of perforation of your ear drum, which causes pain and hearing loss. Similarly, the use of inner-ear headphones such as Apple airpods may also cause wax to build up as these devices push wax deep into your ear. This can be reduced from the use of over the ear headphones. 

The accumulation of wax may be due to other factors such as unusual anatomy of the ear canal and excessive hair growth within the canal. The size and shape of your ear may make it difficult for the ears natural process of wax removal. 

There are other alternative remedies that are promoted for the purpose of wax removal such as ear syringing and ear candling. However, these are not recommended practice and may pose added risk to the health of your ears.  

Consequences of ear wax build up

Wax blockage may cause hearing loss, infection, tinnitus, earache, ear full ness, itchiness and dizziness. However, these symptoms may be indicative of other issues, if you experience these symptoms, you may book an appointment with our ear wax removal experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

The ear suction procedure is safe and most effective way to clean your ears as recommended by ENT specialists.

You will be lying down on our treatment bed. A light will be shined directly into your ear canal. A gentle vacuum will be performed via direct vision. You will require to lie still during the treatment.

Patients who are unable to move onto our treatment bed or those who may find it difficult to lie flat and lie still may benefit from alternative services such as mobile ear suction.

Yes, it does. It is recommended for hearing aid wearers to have ear wax removal every 6 months as wax accumulation may damage your hearing aid.

Yes, if you had an approval by ACC for your work induced hearing loss, you are entitled the cover. Please bring your approval number to your appointment. You will be charged $25 surcharge for each consultation.

Yes, we accept new clients without referrals. Your may book via our online booking system or call us.

Yes, the recommendation for the treatment of otitis externa is to have evacuation of debris with the treatment of antibiotic otic drops. Without the evacuation of debris, the topical treatment may not be effective and reoccurring infections may occur.

Your first ear suction appointment may take 20 minutes or more. For regular clients, the appointments usually take 15 minutes. Occasionally there may not be enough time to completely remove the wax which may be fully impacted. A follow up appointment may therefore be necessary at a lower price within 4 weeks from your initial appointment.

Our Prices

Consultation Fees Monday-Friday Saturday
New patient initial consultation $65 $70
Standard consultation $57 $65
Follow up consultation (within 4 weeks of initial consultation) $35 $40
ACC appointment * $25 $25

Effective on 1st July 2021
* Children under 10 years of age require a phone booking.
* Follow-up pricing valid 4 weeks after initial consultation
** ACC pre-approval number to be provided at consultation

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