The Ear Place

At The Ear Place, our mission is to deliver the highest standard of ear care as well as strive to exceed your expectations in patient experience possible. We work collaboratively with audiology and Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist on site and will refer as required for further assessment.

An assessment of your ear will be performed prior to cleaning. Our ear nurses will explain every step of the procedure.

Your first ear suction appointment may take 20 minutes or more. For regular clients, the appointments usually take 15 minutes.

Our Services

Ear Health

Ear cleaning and ear wax removal

The ear wax removal procedure involves the removal of wax via direct view of your ear canal via a microscope.

Our Ear Microsuction procedure is performed with a regulated low pressure suction with the aid of a hospital grade microscope. The procedure is effective and current best recommended practice for cerumen removal. It is quick and safe for the removal of ear wax and other foreign bodies from the ear canal.

We have 3 highly experienced and hospital trained nurses who can provide their expert treatment and recommendations to your ear health.

Ear wax removal at The Ear Place is a safe and simple procedure

How safe is the procedure?

The ear suction procedure is safe and most effective way to clean your ears as recommended by ENT Specialists. 

How is the procedure performed?

You will be lying down on our treatment bed. A light will be shined directly into your ear canal. A gentle vacuum will be performed via direct vision. 

Can I be seen without a referral?

Yes, we accept new clients without referrals. Your may book via our online booking system or call us. 

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