About Us

Welcome to The Ear Place, a full time Ear Microsuction provider in Auckland

Our Ear Microsuction procedure is performed with a regulated low pressure suction with the aid of a hospital grade microscope. The procedure is effective and current best recommended practice for cerumen removal. It is quick and safe for the removal of ear wax and other foreign bodies from the ear canal. 

We have 3 highly experienced and hospital trained nurses who can provide their expert treatment and recommendations to your ear health. We are expert in the treatment of wax blockage, hearing aid maintenance, foreign body removals, otitis externa and other conditions which may need further investigation and/or treatment. 

The Ear Place collaborates with ENT specialists, Audiologists and are available on site to provide further needs to your care. 

Our clinics are located in Howick and Remuera. We also provide our services to local rest homes. 

At The Ear Place, our mission is to deliver the highest standard of ear care as well as strive to exceed your expectations in patient experience possible. 

Meet Our Team

Gigi Kwok

ENT Nurse Specialist

Yvonne Lau

Ear Nurse

Jessie Ding

Ear Nurse

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